Welcome to the home page of the WWW::Myspace Perl module.

WWW::Myspace.pm provides methods to access myspace.com accounts and functions automatically. It provides a simple interface for scripts to log in, access lists of friends, scan user's profiles, retreive profile data, and post comments.

To install WWW::Myspace, just type:

cpan -i WWW::Myspace

from your system's command line. This is the best way to install the module as it automatically installs the many modules upon which WWW::Myspace depends.

WWW::Myspace tests successfully on Windows running Cygwin. Some users have had luck on other Windows Perl platforms, some have not.

The current version can always be found on CPAN.

Documentation can be found on CPAN or by typing "man WWW::Myspace" or "man" followed by the name of one of the other modules or scripts installed with the distribution.

Development is hosted by SourceForge.net